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Carpe Diem

Welcome !
I'm Matthieu Riegler, I'm a young and enthusiast software engineer !

Eclectic and curious by nature, I'm passionate about learning new things every day. As a hobby photographer, I always have one of my cameras with me unless I'm riding my bike somewhere in our beautiful Alps !

I'm honored to be the co-recipient on the 2012 Peace Nobel Price (with 500 millions of my fellow european citizens). I was also named Time's person of the year 2006.

I love listening to the radio mostly the french public radio France Inter. I recommend the following programs : La Tête au carré, la La Marche de l'histoire and Le Jeu des 1000€,

On the web

On the web, I'm mostly known as Kyro. The origin of this nick is quite old. If you search a bit on the web you might find where it comes from !
Hint : I'm no chiropractor nor do I pratice chiromancy. You also thought of Chi Rho ? Nope and unlike Batman, I've nothing to do with the order Chiroptera!

I joined the Wikipedia adventure a few year back, I since became a sysop on the french speaking version and on Wikimedia Commons.

I share some of my photos on my Flickr page and some other on Wikimedia Commons. Twitter enthousiast, I tweet a lot. Mostly about funny stuff.

Since I like to learn and also like to help, I'm a great user of the Stack Exchange Network, in particular Ask Different and Stack Overflow.

My life as a software engineer

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So Fresh !

Go Brûleurs de Loups !
I'm a geohunter !
I share.